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  • The check up at 11 scam bases – $10.
  • Check up at phone book – $10
  • Check up at 7 social networks – $10
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  • The visit of a professional detective–$450.
  • Background check at police bases– $200
  • Check up of marital status - $200
  • Check up of health status - $300
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  • We deliver one red rose to your girlfriend.
  • We'll take a picture and check her passport
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ukraine scams

Don't let the scammers break your hart! Check your future bride for scam. It's quick and easy now.

Ukraine scams investigation, online dating scams protection, searching of Ukrainian scammers (girls, women, brides) – best detective agency!

We fight with Ukraine scams many years. Especially we specialize on online dating scams, brides scams and marriage scams.
Our detective services are aimed at two goals:

  1. Check the girl with whom you communicate, to avoid the possibility of fraud
  2. If you have been deceived - to return the money spent. is a detective agency created for people who wanted to find a wife in Ukraine, but were cruelly deceived by unscrupulous girls. These girls (we call them Ukrainian scammers) are registered on dating sites, not in order to find a husband, but simply to make money.

They enjoy the fact that men pay attention to them, and under various pretexts extort money from them, dealing with hundreds of different men at the same time. However, they have a real relationship with the native guys and absolutely do not want to marry a foreigner and traveling abroad. This is real Ukraine scams.

Backed by the trust of single men, Ukraine scammer girls solicit money and gifts for themselves and their families. When a man realizes that this girl is driving it and does not want to drift to marry him, his damage can be tens of thousands of dollars. This is a major fraud scheme that is used by Ukrainian scams women.

Naturally, any normal person has a desire to return the money spent on the scammer-girl. Our private investigation agency will help you with this. Even if you were victim of online dating Ukraine scam, we can track this person down by IP address or mobile phone and report to police. Then our lawyers make sure that criminal case has been opened and you will refund all your money back.

The mission of our agency is to help every man make sure that the woman, you are corresponding with, really loves you and wants to live with you, but not just to fool you.
We perfectly understand that to find out this by yourself while you are in America or Canada is impossible. The proof of that could be the thousands of men who came to Ukraine and spent huge amount of time and money and were scammed by the women they loved. This is extremely hard and painful. And we wish you never have such an experience.

There are many sites that fight with bride's scams, women scams, marriage scams and all types of Ukraine scams. Some of them create the data base of scammer's photo, blacklist, names and so on. But only our agency offer you a number of professional detective services which will help you to be 100% sure that your woman is not a scammer. We will do full background check of your lady and give you full report of our work. No one can cheat you anymore! All our experience is at your service.

Go to Ukrainian detective services page and place an order right now.

Also, we offer high quality presents and gifts delivery service. You can order flowers, cosmetics, perfumes and toys to your lady. We will deliver it in a short period and you will get the picture of your love. In a same time, if you have any suspicions about her, we could do background check of this person, talk with neighbors and so on, to understand if she honest to you and she is not involved to Ukraine scams dirty business.

We wish you to find your true love and avoid meeting Ukrainian scammers.

Debt collection

      A lot of Ukrainian dating agencies have recently appeared. This fact helps foreign men meet Ukrainian girls on Ukraine dating sites. But there are some disadvantages, such as scammers! Their purpose is charging foreign men instead of finding future wives.

      Sometimes they cooperate with girls. And sometimes a girl might even not know about her man been fooled. Foreign men need to be sure in the Ukrainian dating agency, which they cooperate with. It is very important for a man to be sure that he deals with a respectful and serious agency, which he can rely on and that all parts of the agreement will be done by his coming to Ukraine.
      As a detective agency we’ve made our own rating of Ukrainian dating agencies based on how reliable they are. First of all we made our own check of owners of agencies, evaluated the reviews of foreign men, the quality and variety of services, their cost and reliability.
      As a result we have our rating of the best Ukrainian marriage agency which we recommend to our users.


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