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Advanced scam check of Ukrainian scams


Advanced scam check of Ukrainian scams:

1. The visit of a professional detective 450$ ORDER NOW

A professional detective can recollect much more information than an ordinary courier. He will give flowers to a girl, start a conversation, find out some details about your relationships and check up if she is visiting the English course, you have presented her. You will be able to write 3 questions you are interested in the most.

Moreover, he will make a photo report about the girl’s address, find out if she has a boyfriend, husband and children.

As a result you will get 100% insure from Ukraine scammers .

Runtime – 7 working days.

2. Check up at Tax Police and Central Election Committee of Ukraine 200$ ORDER NOW

All citizens of Ukraine register their place of abode. As a detective agency, we have the access to such information.

As a result of our check up you will get complete information about the girl:

- girl’s real name and surname
- address and telephone number
- real age and date of birth
- individual tax number

Runtime – 5 working days.

3. Check up of marital status 200$ ORDER NOW

Sometimes a girl fakes her passport to conceal her marital status. Marriage agencies don’t have an opportunity to check such information, because they don’t have the access to such data. As a detective agency we have such opportunity. If a girl is married we will give you:

- date of marriage registration
- all information about her husband

Runtime – 5 working days.

4. Check up of health status in medical record 300$ ORDER NOW

Who needs a sick wife? Nobody, of course. Sometimes a girl can conceal information about her health diseases and then you will have to spend a lot of money for her medical treatment. Or she can even have an incurable disease! To avoid this, we offer you a check up in the hospital where she is registered.

If a girl has some serious disease, we will find it out.

Runtime– 5 working days.

Alltogether: 1150 dollars. If you order the whole package of services you will get 15% discount, and quick scam check for free!

Alltogether: 977 dollars.

Total - 1150$

Order all Advanced scam check services only for 977$! SAVE -15% ORDER NOW


Other detective services:

Discreet field supervision - 800 dollars/a day 800$ ORDER NOW

A detective will spy on a girl from his car. He will make complete photo/video report about whom she has been dating with and what places she has been visiting. He will also find out who comes at her place.

Thanks to this check up you will find out if a girl has a boyfriend, visits a university and other questions you want to know about her.

Runtime – 5 working days.

Telephone call 50$ ORDER NOW

We have 4 professional actors – 2 men and 2 women. As a result of a call under different pretexts, we can make inquiries about the presence of a boyfriend, sick mother, location, place of employment, place of studying and also any 3 questions that you will send us.

Runtime – 1 working day.

Check up the presence of immovable property or motor transport 170$ ORDER NOW

Sometimes a girl says that she is very poor and she doesn’t have money even to pay for internet. Indeed she may have a car and a country house. With the help of such check up we can find this out.

Runtime – 5 working days.

Check up of authenticity of education documents (certificates, diplomas) 170$ ORDER NOW

Sometimes girls ask for money for education, although they already have diplomas. Do you want to check this? No problem!

Runtime – 5 working days.

Search for scammers, that have cheated you 500$ ORDER NOW

If you have been cheated and you want to find culprits – appeal to us! Our agents will do everything possible to find the offenders and bring them to justice. Don’t leave the harm go unpunished, because they might hurt other people.