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Be aware of girls, named Ukraine scammers, who only want to use you

Be aware of girls, named Ukraine scammers, who only want to use you
20 March 2015 year.

There are a lot of different frauds in dating industry. You have probably heard a lot about gold diggers or Ukraine scammers and things like this. But after having conversation with people who work in online dating services I realized that there’s one more threat you should be afraid of.

The majority of women in Ukraine think that men from America are extremely rich. It’s basically the main reason why women are so willing to get acquainted with foreign men. Women have a feeling that men from America are ready to spend any money just to win their heart. And some women decide to use this fact. That is how they become Ukraine scammers. They don’t care about marriage or serious relationships. At the same time I can not call them scammers because they don’t extort money from you. They have their own plan.

And the plan is just to use a man. As I said that asking to send money is not their way of playing so the main idea is to make a man visit her city. Right after first letters you will notice that she has a strong affection to you. But at the same time she has strong affection to more than one man.

It’s like a game you’ll never know which man will be caught in her nets. That’s the way Ukraine scammers work. If you want to have any relationships with such type of women you don’t have to make a lot of efforts. Usually she knows exactly what she should write to get a reward. Depending on how rich the man is it takes her from couple of months to half a year to make him come to her city. And as soon as he arrived she begins to use him as much as possible. The most expensive restaurants, night clubs, fashion boutiques this it’s just a beginning for her.

It’s common thing if she asks you to buy her a laptop. That’s a common thing for Ukraine scammers. She knows that she doesn’t have a lot of time so she should act fast. Some of the women become so obsessed that they even ask a man to pay for utilities.
So let’s find out what you should do if you feel that she is one of that kind. And how can you avoid meeting Ukraine scammer? The first thing that could be a warning sign for you is that she takes you to very expensive restaurants, making hints that she needs some kind of stuff to buy.

If you witnessed something like this ask her to walk with you instead of having a dinner in the restaurant, take public transport instead of taxi. And when she starts talking that her old fashion cell phone doesn’t work properly you should not pay attention to this. After couple of days she will totally lose all her interest in you.

Everything you will probably hear that she is so busy with her work or she has a lot of things to do. This will be a sign for you to buy a return ticket. I know it would be sad to cover thousands miles to find out that the woman has absolutely no feelings for you. But at the same time you could proudly say that you hadn’t been fooled.

In the end I want to say that you should always be careful because you might meet typical Ukraine scammer that only wants to use you as well as a girl that would have pure feeling for you and desire to dedicate all her life to you.

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