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Decided to find a bride in Ukraine using online dating sites? And have you insured yourself from Ukraine scammers? Read this first.

Decided to find a bride in Ukraine using online dating sites? And have you insured yourself from Ukraine scammers? Read this first.
13 March 2015 year.

If you decided to find a bride in Ukraine using online dating site the information below may be very interesting to you. As there is a high demand for such kind of services the amount of Ukraine scammers is high enough too. But what about those dating web sites who claim that they provide 100% real women. Can we feel absolutely sure about them?

Here is information you should know about this services. Every woman that comes to online dating agency receives personal translator who is supposed to help her in communicating with men and finding a perfect match. But at the same time this translator is the key figure in agency in making money.

So even sometimes when a girl knows English pretty good she still has a translator as well.
The first thing a man receives from just registered woman is kind of introduction letter. The man might think that this is the letter that a woman wrote and interpreter translated it in English. In fact the girl could not even know about existence of such introduction letter. It could be done by translator and then forwarded to the main office where people bring it to perfection so now thousands of men could receive it and feel that a woman is sending this letter specially for him. But when a girl cooperates with them, she may be called Ukraine scammer.

Then there is second stage when a man who receives such introduction letter wants to know more about the girl. And do you think that a translator immediately calls a woman to find out what she wants to write about herself? No. The translator has woman’s questionnaire where she gives most common information about herself.

Something like: who are her parents, what’s her favorite movie and what she likes to do in her free time. But usually a lot of translators might write that a woman likes traveling, pets and cooking not even looking in her profile just because they think that everyone likes this. And lately man can discover that a woman is allergic to animals, hates been outdoor and cooks awfully.
Every translator has a minimum number of letters he or she needs to send to random men. And even if nobody answers your introduction letter you have to write so to say "letter of the day". And don’t fool yourself when a cute girl wrote you "How are you doing?".

She might be Ukraine scammer or most likely this is a small trick that a translator uses to build a long term relationships. And only when the conversation gets deeper translator consults with a woman all the time.
Regular chats are becoming more and more popular. And this chats as well as letters could be written not by a woman. The only time when you can be sure that you are having a real conversation with a woman is video chat. But this happens not very often.
The bad thing about such dating agencies is that translators sometimes leave feelings at the second place. That’s why very often 60 year old man receives letters from 25 year old girl. And it’s not because a girl wants to marry a man much older than her but because a translator wants to make extra money from a cute girl.

All this agencies are about making money. And you should remember this. I am not trying to say that all online dating agencies work like this.

The only advice I can give to you - use only those agencies that have good reputation and reference. Don’t afraid to use detective agency to find out if dating agency you’ve chosen uses system written above.

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