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Do you need to make a medical check of your future bride and find out if she is Ukraine scammer?

Do you need to make a medical check of your future bride and find out if she is Ukraine scammer?
4 April 2015 year.

Today planning your life in advance is a common thing for a Western world. Before doing something you need to know where it might lead you. And this is a good tendency.

So now many people ask themselves whether they need to know about their medical condition before marriage. Some agree to do this, some don’t. But let’s see if you need to do this when you are involved into long distance relationships like international online dating.

If you have found a girl you would like to marry I am sure that you don’t know much about her past and about her health condition as well. Let me just give some facts about Ukraine.

Ukraine takes leading places in the world among spreading HIV/AIDS. Approximately 4% of population already has HIV/AIDS. And this number is constantly rising. I know that it is a very scary information. But this is something we shouldn’t hide. The worst thing is that some people are just not aware that they have HIV/AIDS. But HIV/AIDS is not the only problem.

Believe me there’s hundreds of other diseases that you should be afraid of. I can imagine that some of you after reading this want to stop any relations with Ukrainian women. But it would be wrong. The majority of women that are registered in dating agencies are absolutely healthy and have nothing to do with HIV/AIDS.

But some of them are Ukraine scammers who want to cheat you. So in some situations you feel more confident when you know all information about your partner. That’s why in Ukraine you can easily find detective agencies that can find out whether your girlfriend is Ukraine scammer and provide medical check of your future bride for you. And as the government has their own hidden methods of random HIV/AIDS check I am sure a detective agency could provide a secret HIV/AIDS check for you. So your future bride will never find out that you had doubts about her.
But there is another thing like genetic check.

If you are the one who can’t imagine a family without kids you should probably be interested in genetic check. After such check you might even find out whether woman can or can not have children. And sometimes sterility could be a strong reason for divorce.

After genetic check you may find out whether your future kids will be healthy or they will have Down’s syndrome. So you see that you can receive vital information about your future spouse just by doing medical check. You can be a witness when man still marry woman who had serious health problem just because of deep love. Maybe this was his way of saying that he loves her. So in such cases you totally understand what you might expect in future and how you should react.

In conclusion I want to tell you a few more words about health system in Ukraine. I’ve seen some letters where men from America were seriously afraid when they heard that their future wife had spent 2 or 3 weeks in hospital recently. The thing is that health system is so that the person could spend half of a month in hospital just because of simple cold. So don’t get panic and ask for professionals when you feel you have doubts.

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