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How you can do visual check of the girl you are corresponding with and find out whether she is Ukraine scammer or not?

How you can do visual check of the girl you are corresponding with and find out whether she is Ukraine scammer or not?
20 February 2015 year.

Trust is the best thing that people can have in their relationships. But can you show complete trust when we are speaking about virtual relationships, when a woman you are corresponding with is thousands miles from you. And your doubts are getting even worth when you hear about Ukraine scammers that might use the same web site you are using at his very moment.

And you don’t want to be the one who thinks that he sends letters to a woman in fact on the other end there might be male student or someone else. But how can you protect yourself from wasting your money and deep embarrassment? The good news is that there is something you can do about it.

Nowadays there are a lot of agencies that can provide a visual check for you. Their job is finding Ukraine scammers and protecting you from them. They don’t charge you a lot. Usually the price is around 40-60$.
How it works? First you need to ask for a woman’s home address.

I am sure it’s not difficult to do. You can tell her that you want to send her flowers or a little gift. After agency receives her home address the agent brings her flowers or a gift. In order to receive the gift a woman should show her passport or any other ID form. In this way the agent can confirm that a woman is real. The agent can also make a picture of her or if it’s not possible he can make a verbal description. After such visit you can be 100% sure that the woman is not lying about herself and she is not Ukraine scammer.

On the other hand she will never find out that she has been checked.
Also I want to tell you when hiring detective for visual check is relevant. The first thing that could be a sign for you is that she tries to hide some personal information about herself. Then you should be worried if you receive letters where you don’t find answers to your questions.

If you feel that letters are more like samples rather than something written from the bottom of the heart you should probably be more careful. That is the first sign that you are fooled by Ukraine scammer. Don’t get fooled when a woman writes you that she loves you right after third letter. Love is more complicated felling.

It’s something that you can understand only after you meet each other in person, but not using letters. Be especially cautious when 25 year old girl is writing to 60 year old man. I am sure that a possibility that a young girl was charmed by an older man of course exists but most of the time money is the only motive for such ladies.

And try to use investigator services right after she asks you for money. She can give you different reasons. For example she needs to pay for Internet or attend language courses that she can not afford.

The list of tricks is endless. But if you have a feeling that something similar is happening to you maybe it’s right time to check her real motives? Make yourself safe from Ukraine scammers!

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