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Romance scam and some interesting facts about Ukraine scams.

Romance scam and some interesting facts about Ukraine scams.
6 February 2015 year.

The first scammer attack was recorded in 1980 when a prisoner in Louisiana State Penitentiary gave ads to some newspapers in USA and Canada. He used attractive pictures of people and if someone answered he asked for money. If someone sent him money he asked for more. After a short period of time he became quite rich guy.

30 years have passed and methods of extortion money haven’t changed a lot. So I have a question what make people believe scammers and send them money. We all heard about their methods but at the same time there are so many people who write their touching stories on different web sites.

The fact is that scammers shouldn’t change anything in their strategy. Now people’s feelings are the same as 30 years ago. So scammers use affection, love, passion and other feelings that can totally blind your mind so you can not distinguish black from white. And people while reading scammers letters feel like every letter was written specially for them.

That the love and affection is growing with every single letter.

But there is another question you might want to ask me. How people could believe that someone loves him after third letter. And there is strong reason for this too. Scammers need desperate people. Those who have serious problems with opposite sex. So when they read that a very beautiful girl wants to spend the whole life with him his mind reject all variants that this is not true. He starts believe every word he hears.
Ukraine scams use chat a lot. This is very important part of their plan.

Using chats they need to find out victim’s financial situation. It’s not that difficult to do. So as soon as they have received this information they know whether they should spend time with you or not.
But you will never know when they ask you for money. It could take days, weeks or even months.

Their plan is to make you addicted to them so you will afraid to lose them. They are wonderful psychologists and know exactly when to use jealousy, pity or disappointment. And when they ask you for money you can not refuse them.
But what has been done to prevent Ukraine scams attack in internet? Unfortunately till 2004 there were almost no attempts at all.

That can be explained by the fact that the scale of these attacks was not significant. But after 2004 nearly each dating web site could not exist without scammers. So a lot of agencies started making scammers database so everyone could check his woman. But scammers are very smart and some of them might never use one picture more than one time.

Detective agencies have become very popular who try to help you in solving your problems.
And also remember that there is common sense that has everyone and it’s absolutely free.


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