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Shadowing your future wife. Checking up Ukraine scams. Paranoia or necessity?

Shadowing your future wife. Checking up Ukraine scams.  Paranoia or necessity?
30 January 2015 year.

If you the one who decided to find your big true love overseas you would probably use one of thousands online dating services. And sooner or later you will find that special lady you want to dedicate all your time, love and attention. And it’s really good feeling. You can even boast to youк friends that she is not a Ukraine scammer or a gold digger.

And looking at her pictures you realize that she is perfect. That there is not a single defect in her. And you just wonder why so many detective agencies offer their services for foreigners. But let me tell you a couple of stories that might explain you why so many people are involved in investigation business.

Of course I am not going to use real names of people telling you these stories. Imagine that John from Houston accidentally got acquainted with Ann from Kiev, Ukraine. From first letters she charmed him. He said that he was like under some kind of spell. She had all features that he was looking in his future wife.

Beautiful, modest and very cheerful person. The best thing he liked in her that she was not trying to hush. He said she was not like those women who said that they love you in second letter. 9 months have past after John understood that he wants to see her in person. He ordered tickets and was about to pack his bag when sudden idea stroke him mind. Before his arrival he wanted to make a small gift for her. Flowers and a chocolate he thought will defiantly melt girl’s heart. So he went online and ordered a delivery.

The company that was supposed to make a delivery was also a detective agency. But this fact was not so important for John right now. But after delivery was done, the agent contacts John and tells him that he felt something suspicious while delivering flowers. But at first John thought that that agency wants to make some extra money on him. He didn’t even think about possibility of been cheated by Ukraine scams. But letter some feeling that hard to explain couldn’t leave him. So he decided to find out what was so suspicious in her.

He hired a detective to make a basic check. He was sure that detective will find nothing about her and he can visit her with clear thought. John reported to agency that she works at school and it seemed not so difficult to check. 2 days of investigation passed but not a single time she was seen at school, on the contrary a detective saw her going to different places. Later it turned out that she was a part of local gang and she took active role in finding information, she cooperated with Ukraine scams.

When John first heard such information he didn’t believe them. He came to Kiev and met Ann. He wanted to know if anything of this was true. She couldn’t hide her past because detective provided pictures. As it was fought later the girl wanted to change her life and move to other country.

And her feelings to John were real. And anyway, now John was not interested in her at all. He went back to Houston and probably never used this online dating service again.
And here is another less dramatic story. Let’s say Dave from California who is 30 found a girl name Tania in Moscow who is 25. Dave was a young man who wanted to find young bride in former soviet countries. The only wish he had she shouldn’t have been married before.

So while looking he put mark in field "Single, never been married". He started corresponding with Tania for about a year after he decides to come to Moscow. And finally he did it. He had a really great time there. He was so happy he finally found a girl that could understand him totally.

But one day he came to her place without calling. She was a little nervous when she saw him and didn’t let in and asked to wait outside. The first thing that came to Dave’s mind that she is married. He didn’t wish to waist his time anymore so he hired a detective. As it turned out later she was used to be married and had 2 children.

And that was the reason why she did not let him in.
To a big surprise he didn’t leave her along. He accepted her two children and married her. But to my mind not a lot of men would act like this.
So I hope now you understand why there are so many detective agencies who want to help you.

If you have serious intentions and your partner is thousands miles from you having someone who can do some checking for you could be very important to your future. So don’t hesitate. Ask for help when you feel you need it.

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