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What kind of problems can you face marring Ukrainian or Russian girl. Some facts about Ukrainian scammers.

What kind of problems can you face marring Ukrainian or Russian girl. Some facts about Ukrainian scammers.
23 January 2015 year.

I’ve seen a lot of articles where different people and especially foreigners were giving their points of view why Ukrainian and Russian women are the best wives. And I can totally agree with them. But why at the same time we can hear negative stories from men about Ukrainian or Russian women?

I would say "Too good to be true". In fact there are some problems when a woman marries a foreigner. And what does it have to do with Ukraine scams?
In former soviet countries woman can get some respectable position in society only after been married. Of course now we have up-to-date tendency that bring absolutely different philosophy. But still a lot of people follow old fashion roots. And by the time when a girl becomes 20 all she knows is that she has to get marry no matter what. At the same time a girl have a feeling that to find her perfect match is not that easy. So she tries to use all possible variants how to get married.

And one of this variant is foreign husband. Most of the time a woman doesn’t really care what country he is from. Whether it’s USA, France or South American Republic. All she wishes is a prince on a horse that will take her somewhere else where they will live forever in peace. But these are only dreams that have nothing to do with reality. Some girls while having some relationships with foreigners not even slightly understand the thing that they will probably move to another country. And exactly the process of changing one country to another could be a real problem for women. Most of them don’t know the language of their new homeland. Lack of cultural and legal knowledge can turn happy life into torture.

After a while young wife understands that people are not that nice around her, that it’s extremely hard for her to make new friends and everything around annoys her. But to be honest it’s normal when such things are happening. That’s why some countries have special programs to bring people into society, help them to learn language and culture. Unfortunately a lot of women go to USA where there is not such program. The government thinks that this role should be delegated to a husband.

What all this can lead to? If the husband doesn’t do anything about his wife’s integration into new society it could lead to dramatic consequences. The first feeling that grow inside a woman when she starts feeling herself as an alien is that she wants to leave everything and return back home. In real life woman goes not go straight home but into arms of new man who can give her comfort and relief. And all your efforts spend on building long term relationships feel wasted.

In conclusion I want to say be careful when you are planning to get married. Check if she does this not just because her mom wants her daughter to be married. That she understands where her actions may lead. And don’t leave her along with her own problems after marriage because sooner or later she will find someone who will help her to overcome her uncertainty.

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