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Why American men marry Ukrainian women and how are they connected with Ukraine scam?

Why American men marry Ukrainian women and how are they connected with Ukraine scam?
27 March 2015 year.

Today it has become so common that men from America use Internet to find women in Ukraine or Russia and then marry them. And this is something that you can hear not from your friends or relatives this is something you watch on TV when very rich and respectful men in America marry Ukrainian girls.

But at the same time I have a question what makes people from America cover so many miles to meet a girl? Are there other countries that are much closer to America where you can find cute lady? And besides finding wife abroad looks more like a blind date. So you’ll never know what you might see when you reach your special lady.
And even though this idea could look more like utopia I want to say that there is sense.

Everyone knows that most American women are so much about feminism. There is nothing bed about it when you go to the restaurant but sooner or later you feel like you want her to be a woman but not a competitor to you. Some men are really getting tired of this game. So they want something opposite. Something you can call family orientated thing. And let’s remember that Ukraine and Russian exactly those countries where women were "made" to serve family needs. Of course because of the media Ukrainian and Russian women wants to be free and independent but at the same time they understand that husband will always remain the head of the family. And the majority of women understand that their first function as a wife is to care about their husband. And such attitude could really charm and flatter any men from Western world.

There is also another reason. A lot of people think that Slavic women are the most beautiful women in the world. Plus they have a desire to look beautiful and make their best to achieve it. She will never go somewhere without even light make up and smart clothes on. At the same time a lot of American women don’t care if they have a makeup or if their clothes attractive. Because they have such thing as "I feel comfortable in these".
More than that I feel there is a sense of adventure. A man posses himself as a conqueror. He goes to other country not knowing what to expect and tries to win woman’s heart. Now they know what Napoleon or Alexander the Great felt when they captured new lands.

On the other hand you might also want to know why Ukrainian women could leave everything in their motherland and move to the country they know nothing about. Maybe they are somehow connected with Ukraine scam or is there any other reason?

When they were little girls they heard a lot of stories about princes on a white horse. But having become grown up they still remember these fairy tales. But they want not only remember it but to be a part of it. So when a man from other country comes to see them they think that the fairy tale could be finally true for them.

Also some says that there is no worthy man for them. So that’s why they started looking for the special one outside the border.

We can also name a hundred more reasons why Americans what to marry Ukrainian women but a lot of people think that "Change" is the highly motivated thing in a life of people. You wake up in the morning and think that you don’t want to be alone and you need "Change" in your life.

But when you are about to make some changes in your life think what consequences it might lead to. So you don’t feel sorry about what you’ve done and make everything possible to avoid Ukraine scams for you not to be disappointed!

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