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Tom Mullen (Chicago, IL)
Recently I use online dating service with foreign girls. When she first wrote me she loves me I was a bit embarrassed. Then she told this again and again. So all I wanted to know if this is really true. I looked through web site and found advanced check. I asked them to call her and ask about me. I was surprised when she even couldn’t remember my name, when the actor asks her. Looks like she has a thousand guys like me. I am so glad I made this check.
No problems. We are always glad to help you.
Melvin Grace (Bloomington, IL)
Good job. Highly recommend to those who have doubts in relationships with foreign girls.
Bed Admond (Jackson, TN)
I started chatting with girl name Ann. She is from Odessa, Ukraine. Somehow I found this agency. The thing is that I am very crazy about my health condition. And when I was about to go to Ukraine to visit her I was worried about different disease plus I heard that Ukraine is in the leading place in spreading AIDS. So all I wanted to find out her health condition. Didn’t believe it’s possible but when I saw a photocopy of her medical records I was looking forward to meeting her.
It wasn't very hard for us
Met Gabon (Grants, NM)
Good service, nice cheerful people. It was nice to know a little more about a girl you are corresponding with. I ordered her flowers they delivered flowers and made a picture of hey, how convenient is that.
Bruce Derek (California)
u I want to say thank you a lot to all your stuff. You’ve been very helpful. I want to say personal thank you to Lena who were assisting me during all the time of check. I know that I was a bit tedious in my questions but this was so important for me. Now when I know some more information about my potential wife I can be more confident about her.
Thanks Bruce. Have a nice day. Lena.
Fred Kowalski (Denver, CO)
I can’t tell you how glad I am that I accidentally ran across your web site. After visit of professional detective, I manage to find out that she has a husband and children and had no intention to have any relations with me except financial support. So by checking her I saved tons of money.
We wish you to find honest girl. We were glad to help.
Greg Stone (Freeport, NY)
Must admit that people who work in this company very resourceful. They not only provide me her picture but also a photocopy of the passport. I was impressed. I know that trust is the best thing in relationships and now I must confess I have enough trust for both of us.
Kevin Simpson (Trenton Falls, NJ)
It was nice to have business with you, quick responses, wonderful support. And even thought we had a misunderstanding in the beginning we easily worked things out.
Raymond Green (Texas city, TX)
Thank you guys a lot. I have a feeling that u’r the only bridge that connects me with truth about my woman that are thousands miles from me. I am very jealous man and I really don’t know what I would do without this service. The report of professional detective is very interesting. Thanks again.
You're welcome Raymond
Al Dove (Seattle, WA)
I met this girl online a couple months ago. Then a friend of mine recommended me this web site. I ordered “health check service” to make sure my girl is fine. 5 day ago I returned from Ukraine. Now I feel I met my special girl.
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